Since Article 50 was finally triggered on 29th March 2017 and leaving EU was suddenly reality, employers have started to question the implications this will have on Employment Law.

Based on Article 50, the EU Treaties shall cease to apply to the UK and the UK exit will take effect in March 2019, so what more do we know about the impact of Brexit on UK Employment Law?

We have asked our Employment Law specialist Robert Kerr of Shield HR to once again deliver our Annual Employment Law Seminar especially for HR professionals and Operations Managers.

As well as talking about the implications of Brexit, Robert will also be covering:

  • Self employment and the Gig Economy
  • Current Employment Law changes

The Seminar takes place on Thursday 25th May at the Holiday Inn, Coventry and is FREE. You can register and get your tickets by visiting the booking page

I hope you will be able to join us

Andrea and Darren


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