Is your business engaging with today’s Job Seeker?

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May 8, 2017
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Is your business engaging with today’s Job Seeker?

Today's job seeker

The world is moving on and more consumers  are setting aside laptops in favour of smartphones, iPads and other tablet computers, job seekers expect to be engaged with videos, job notifications and quick follow-up. To keep up companies need to adapt their recruitment strategy to align with these platforms.

When businesses embrace new tools and applications, they can adapt their current recruitment messages to the latest devices in the Web 2.0 world. The results will generate greater engagement and increase a company’s ability to attract top talent.

Today, more job seekers have different expectations and look for:

  • Instant updates about new jobs via their mobile devices
  • Immediate feedback to their job applications
  • Recruiting videos to watch on their mobile devices
  • Engaging, interactive content from employers

Does that seem impossible as a small business hiring strategy? Here’s the good news: responding to those demands with consistent recruiting messages across multiple platforms is easier and less expensive than you might imagine.

Mobile Recruiting is Growing

Industries that look to find good hourly employees – positions where it’s more important to have a phone and always-on access — will likely be the first to adapt their recruiting strategies to mobile messaging.

Employers who recognise the fact that increasingly consumers are using their smartphones to access the internet and start moving their services to mobile-friendly platforms will benefit in the long run.

Using Mobile Messaging

It is time for Small businesses to revisit their recruiting strategies to ensure there are opportunities to tap into the mobile evolution. As Internet-connected mobile devices are an “always-on” personal device, any opportunities to link these attributes into the recruitment process will be beneficial to job seekers. Here are some ideas:

  • Job postings which allow job seekers  to call the hiring manager directly instead of applying with a CV.
  • Frequent updates to show the candidate their progress through the application process.
  • Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that links recruiters and  job seekers via instant messaging.

Using Video to help you stand out

Up to now, you may have not considered the power and impact of using video to engage with job seekers, however, it is not as expensive as you think. Here are a few thoughts:

  • Your employees are your best asset. Why not produce a  video which features your employees talking about the reasons why they enjoy working for your company,  what makes their jobs exciting. Great way of compelling the job seeker.
  • What does your corporate culture look like. Video is a great medium to visually communicate and showcase key selling points for your company.
  • Visual job requirements in real time. A job description that says you have to pick and pack car parts is different than actually seeing someone do it.It can also help candidates to accurately judge if they’re equipped to do the job.

What's Next?

Once completed, you can add your recruitment video to any job postings, your  website’s candidate pages, your company’s Facebook page and other social media pages. You can also email it to candidates and post it on your YouTube site.

So what are you waiting for, there has never been a better time to put these tools to use and ensure that your business is standing out from your competitors.

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