The good and bad in Recruitment Agencies – a candidate’s point of view

The Good and Bad in Recruitment Agencies
May 25, 2016
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May 8, 2017
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The good and bad in Recruitment Agencies – a candidate’s point of view

After interviewing and talking with hundreds, no possibly thousands, of temporary and permanent candidates over the years, it still amazes me today, that Recruitment Agencies continue to devalue their candidates and devalue a service that we provide for them.

I am incredibly fortunate to run a business doing what I love but when the same points of view continue to arise, I feel that something should and needs to change.

Our candidates are our business, whether permanent or temporary without their hard work, diligence, professionalism and continued support of our business we would not be here. Richard Branson quoted; “Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients” and I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Who is Listening?

What I didn’t understand and didn’t really appreciate, before listening to my candidates was the painful and degrading experiences that they have had when working for other recruitment businesses. Here is just a snippet of some of the quotes from these important people:

“Frequent underpayment of wages – when an error has been made I am made to wait a further week for my money”

“No communication, even when I have been working for them”

“Nobody returning my telephone calls”

“Holiday pay not being paid”

“Not listening and trying to place me in a role that is not what I am looking for”

“Not even knowing my name after I have worked with them for a period of time”

“Sending my CV to clients without even asking me first”

“No feedback on interviews that I have attended – whether positive or negative”

The above are just a few of the comments I received by doing my research and this is just the tip of the iceberg!!.

Expedient Recruitment is Listening

Why do Agencies treat candidates as a commodity rather than a human being? Candidates are people like you and me, not a number. They all like to be paid on time, talked to, asked how they are doing, how they have been treated and what they like or dislike about their work. These fundamental communications make a huge difference to how candidates can feel about your business and working for you.  As an industry we need to understand and appreciate our candidates more and more.

The below quotes are just some of the continued fantastic feedback that we have as a business:

“They listened to me and understood the work that I was looking for”

“They continued to communicate with me long after I had been placed”

“If my wages were wrong, through no fault of their own, they paid me there and then and didn’t make me wait”

“They made my life easier”

“They got me a job that was easy for me to get to, a job that I wanted to do at a rate of pay I was looking for”

“They always returned my call even if it was not the best news”

Expedient Recruitment exists to “change people’s perception on using a recruitment agency; we want to make a difference to both candidates and clients and leave them thinking, I never knew Recruitment could be this easy”. This is our driver every day which is why we believe that our employees will look after us.

I know that things are not always easy and candidates let you down, do not turn up for an interview or even a job, turn their phones off, don’t return your calls, but if we can change, as an industry, and see the potential in all of our clients, attitudes can and will change. It won’t change overnight and it’s never going to be easy but as a recruiter we can change our candidate’s perception of working with an agency and give all our clients motivated, reliable and committed members of staff.

Food for thought – any comments would be well received.

Written by Andrea Richards, Director , Expedient Recruitment

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