The Good and Bad in Recruitment Agencies

The good and bad in Recruitment Agencies

After doing some extensive research on companies that are based on Magna Park in Lutterworth, I am still truly astounded by my findings. I feel incredibly fortunate to own a business doing what I love; yes I have bad days like everybody but the good ones far outweigh the bad.

What I don’t understand and didn’t really appreciate is the consistent underperforming agencies that are very fortunate to supply temporary and permanent staff to a number of high profile companies on this business park.  We are fortunate to have a very loyal client base and continue to grow by offering exceptional service delivery, what I have found though is that clients with a PSL or single source recruitment offering do not get anything near what we offer as standard.

“Frequent persistent cold calling “

“Zero communication, even though they have my business”

“Frequent under payment of temporary staff; nobody willing to take responsibility and pay the staff”

“Holiday pay not being paid”

“Not listening and understanding our business needs”

“Sending countless CV’s of candidates that do not fit the profile we are looking for”

“Agency assuming that the business is theirs and throwing arms and legs at the requirement, instead of telling me that they do not have anybody available”

The above are just a few of the comments I received by doing my research and this is just the tip of the iceberg!!.

Why do agencies assume; assume the business that they have is always going to be theirs because a contract has been signed or that there is a national agreement. Assume that they “understand” their client’s business by hiding behind their laptops, assume that the company can’t go anywhere else as it says that in the contract. Assume that their clients are happy because you have shown them the KPI’s for last month, assume that if a requirement comes through that you have to fill it. I could use the cliché about “assume” but I think you all know it. But recruiters stop “assuming” make a difference to your clients every day.

“They listen, they understand my business and have taken the time to understand my needs”

“Their communication is second to none”

“They go above and beyond the call of duty”

“They make my life easier”

“They only send through CV’s that match our requirement even if it is just two CV’s you know they have done their homework and understand our culture fit”

“They look after their temporary staff, pay them accurately and on time”

Now the above makes me happyJ, the comments are what our industry needs and what we as recruiters need. Our company exists to “change people’s perception on using a recruitment agency” we are only going to be able to do this if our industry takes pride in the job that they do and pride in the company that they work for.

I know that things will not change overnight and it’s never going to be easy but wouldn’t it be great for me to do this research again in a couple of years and for me to get all of those positive statements first instead of the “bad” comments, just food for thought.

Andrea Richards

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