Making it personal….. it’s all about you

Its Purpose

There is nothing more personal in your job hunt than your CV. Your CV is your gateway to job success, use your CV to market yourself

A CV is typically split into individual headings:

Personal Profile

  • Name, email address, contact phone number(s), location – City and county.

Personal Profile

  • Imagine you were speed dating and needed to summarise the content of your CV in just a few sentences – what do you want the first impression to be?

Key Skills

The aim of a good CV is to tell enough about you for someone to want to arrange an interview and learn more.  It needs to clearly demonstrate your skills and experience with key achievements highlighted along the way.

Key Skills

  • Some people like to bullet 4 or 5 points they believe to be their key skills/strengths that they can offer a new employer.

Work History

  • Start with your most recent role and work backwards.
  • Make sure your dates match and any gaps either explained or be prepared to explain them in interview.
  • Accuracy is important as this is the area you will be probed in interview most, any discrepancies will be identified.
  • Highlight your key achievements – be proud to boast.
  • Keep the roles concise with relevant information only.


  • Be accurate – you may be asked for supporting evidence.
  • If you have a degree (or equivalent) – state the classification achieved.


  • This is an area that is optional.  You may appeal to different audiences with unusual interests – so just be cautious what you give away!


  • This is often just a note that they are available on request.

Big No No’s!

  • Poor spelling and grammar.
  • Making it more than a 2 or 3 page document.
  • Inaccuracies (dates,  job roles, education etc).
  • Don’t go into too much detail for roles over 10 years ago unless relevant.
  • Font and text size that is too small to read easily or too big to look professional.
  • Avoid using ‘me’ or ‘I’ and do not refer to yourself in the third person.

Remember to:

  • Spell check.
  • Proof read your CV before sending it out.
  • Adapt your CV and your highlighted achievements to relate to the job you are applying for.
  • If possible get someone else to read it for a final check.


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